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Welcome to the 6/15 Green community garden blog. This is a place where our community can share stories, poems, photos, memories, recipies, and all other experiences of the garden. For information on 6/15 Green, please see the official website. To share information on the garden or communicate with members, please use the member Google Group.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Content for 6/15 Green Blog

Hi garden members--

My community assignment is the 6/15 Green blog.  My goal for this year is to make it a much more active blog and I plan to do this is a couple ways. First, I’m going to add this google groups to the RSS feed for the blog--what that means is that any time there is a new post on the blog, it will be announced to this group.  Hopefully that will encourage people to come check out the page.  Of course, feel free to add your own email to the RSS feed so you can get alerts any time there is a new post.

The second way is by adding more content.  I see this as a community blog so I greatly welcome post from any members at any time.  You can either email the post--be it pictures, stories, poems, ideas, or more--to the general email I’ve set up for the blog, which is  Or you can post it yourself--the password for the blog is love2garden.  I just ask that posts are friendly.

I’ll also be adding more content myself with a series of rotating weekly features that include:
  • Ask a Gardener: where garden members can ask advice on any garden topic.  Then, garden members can give responses in the reply section of the blog post.  I’m hoping this is a way for new garden members or season gardeners alike to share their valuable knowledge.  And if you have a question you want answered, send it to
  • Featured Photo: A photo from the garden--please send photos again to
  • Gardening in Brooklyn: Will feature local websites, stores, people and other great Brooklyn gardening resources.
  • Wild Flower:  Like a wild card topic--only it’s a garden, so let’s make it a wild flower.  Miscellaneous topics, poems, recipes and more.

I look forward to helping make this another great year at the garden!


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