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Welcome to the 6/15 Green community garden blog. This is a place where our community can share stories, poems, photos, memories, recipies, and all other experiences of the garden. For information on 6/15 Green, please see the official website. To share information on the garden or communicate with members, please use the member Google Group.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Garden Kitty

Some garden members may remember a small orange and white kitten that lived in the garden about 11 years ago.  I became quite attached to this little stray. It was starting to get cold in the garden and I was very worried about him.  I already had a cat and our landlord had said we could only have one cat.  I asked everyone I knew to adopt him but couldn't find him a home.  After a couple months, my landlord finally caved and we adopted this little garden kitty.  We named him Joey (long story) and he was very happy having a home and another cat to play with.  Sadly, Joey passed away on Friday. I'm grateful to the garden for giving me this little guy.  I will miss him!  

Friday, July 10, 2015

Alice's Rhubarb

At Alice's memorial service, many garden members reflected on Alice's love of cooking and food.  Several recipes were mentioned but the one that was mentioned the most--and clearly a favorite of both Alice and the group--was her Rhubarb Cobbler recipe. Another common theme that came up at the service was all the gifts that Alice loved to give to people, so I'd like to share this recipe as one more gift for all her friends and loved ones to share.  

Thursday, July 9, 2015

For Alice: Breaths

Here are two videos from Alice's memorial in the garden on Sunday of the group singing "Breaths" by Sweet Honey and the Rock.  My phone limits how long I can record so there are two short videos. Unfortunately I couldn't capture the whole  song but I got most of it.   It was such a beautiful, moving tribute. See below to hear the full song on YouTube.

If you'd like to hear the Sweet Honey and the Rock version, click here

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Remembering Alice

Gardeners have shared some beautiful photos of Alice that capture her spirit and her love of other people. 

Also, I found this obituary for Alice online that shares a wonderful description of her life, both professionally and personally.  

Alice's Obituary

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Celebrating the life of Alice Gleason

Members of the 6/15 community gathered together on Sunday to celebrate the loving and generous life of Alice Gleason. It was a tremendous celebration of an amazing woman who impacted so many lives.  The evening started out with a pot luck--one everyone agreed that Alice would have approved of.  Then everyone met on the lawn under the willow tree to sing the Sweet Honey in the Rock song "Breaths."  Maureen read a poem and her husband Simon shared words about Alice's life.  Gardeners then took turns sharing favorite memories and impressions of how Alice touched their lives.  Stories ranged from humorous and touching to inspirational and life-changing.  We then carried flowers across the garden to Alice and Simon's plot to create a bouquet where a toast was given.  The ceremony concluded as gardeners spread Alice's remains throughout the garden.  It was truly an amazing celebration for a remarkable individual.