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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gardening in Brooklyn: Join a CSA

I know a lot of garden members also belong to local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.  Most of these deliver fresh fruit, veggies, eggs and more throughout the summer and even fall.  It’s a great way to eat locally and support local farms. It’s always a great way to be introduced to new types of produce that you might not normally buy--or grow--on your own.

I thought it might be fun to do a round up of some that deliver to the area for anyone who might be interested.  Some may have closed their memberships for 2012 already but keep them in mind for next year.  

  • Just Food (  “a non-profit organization that connects communities and local farms with the resources and support they need to make fresh, locally grown food accessible to all New Yorkers.” Go to their web site to find a based on your zip code for pick up locations.
  • Park Slope CSA ( Starts June, 2012.  They offer full and half shares and multiple pick up times.  Pick up is at Garden of Union, a community garden between 4th and 5th Aves. Registration closes May 5.
  • Central Brooklyn CSA ( Starts June 14th for 22 weeks.  Pick up is Thursday from 5 to 7:30 pm at 1256 Dean Street.  They charge based on income level and have a program for members to pay with food stamps.
  • Garden of Eve ( Starts first week of June through November. They offer full and half shares.  They have pick up locations in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Long Island.  In Brooklyn, they have pick up spots in Brooklyn Heights, Bushwick, Carroll Gardens, Greenpoint, Kensington/Windsor Terrace and Williamsburg.
  • Cobble Hill CSA ( Starts June 5 until Dec 11.  Pick up is on Tuesdays at Christ Church, 326 Clinton Street. Still taking membership.
  • Sunset Park CSA ( Starts June 14 through Nov 8.  They are sold out for one version of their share but are still accepting membership for alternate weeks.

I’ve done the Kensington Garden of Eve CSA for four years.  My husband and I get a half share and it’s always been an amazing amount of veggies and fruit that usually last us a couple weeks--although we do have to figure out what will go bad first and eat that.  Just like it’s so much fun to see what is growing every time you go to the garden, it’s always fun to see what produce they have at each pick up.  I know that Garden of Eve lets people come tour their gardens and I’m sure that other farms offer tours, too.  

If I’m missing one you belong to or know about--or if you want to share your own experiences belonging to a CSA program, please add to the comments section below.  


  1. Thanks for posting this! :-)

    I knew there were a few CSAs in the area, but didn't know the details or contact info.

    This is very helpful.

    Love to hear folks' experiences with CSAs they've joined.


  2. I've been a member of the Greenwood Heights CSA, probably the closest one to us:

    They're sold out for 2012 but good to keep in mind for next year~