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Sunday, May 31, 2015

I Totally Love This

I love finding surprises like this in the garden. Smile! 

Plant Sale Continues

Just a reminder that the plant sale continues. We've still got a few tables of plants including a lot of tomatoes and peppers. If you are on open hours and someone wants to buy plants, just tell them to leave the money in the green donation box that is on the welcome board. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Big Success--the plant sale, bake sale and festival

After a morning of iffy weather, the day turned out to be a good one for the plant sale.  Unfortunately I was home sick and with a sick toddler, but my husband and daughter were able to take the pictures below.  If anyone else took pictures they'd like to share, please feel free to send to me.  Also, as always, if you would prefer your image not be on the blog, email me and I will remove the photo.

The plant sale continues through the week.  Enjoy! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Garden Festival

Spring Festival and Plant Sale

Hi, all--

The spring plant sale is this year.  The plant sale coordinators have a great selection of plants and the sale will continue through the week. We still need some volunteers.  Please see below and if you are free, let Campbell Rankin know (

*Dates / Hours*
Saturday May 16th 11am-3pm
Sunday May 17th 11am-3pm
Tuesday May 19th 4pm-8pm
Thursday May 21st 4pm-8pm
Saturday May 23rd 11am-3pm

*Plant Sale Volunteers:*
We are looking for 2 volunteers for each shift below. Email me back with
your interest and I will put you on the schedule. Thanks so much in advance.
Saturday May 16th 9am-11am (setup) / 11am-1pm / 1pm-3pm
Sunday May 17th 11am-1pm / 1pm-3pm
Saturday May 23rd 11am-1pm / 1pm-3pm

*Watering the Plants:*
If you have open hours in the next 6 days, PLEASE water the plants that are
for sale. They are either right up front under the willow tree or back near
where the Port-A-Potty is. There is good weather and not much rain in the
forecast, so this is extremely important. Thanks so much in advance.

*Buying Plants in Advance:*
You will not be able to buy plants in advance of the sale. Keeping track of
the money across so many different open hours volunteers will be difficult.
You are welcome to get there early on the 16th for the pick of the litter!

*Things we Need:*
>If anyone has plastic bags, please bring them to the garden for us (they
are for putting people's plants in when they buy them). By 8pm tonight I
will have a bag near the garbage labeled 'for plant sale bags'.
>If anyone has a portable table, please bring it up to the garden before
Saturday. Also please let me know so I know how many more we need.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Garden surprises

I love it when the garden surprises me--like it did the other day when I saw this little guy.